Where Nature Caters To You



Jonathan Adams is the inventor and founder of Adam’s Gift body scrub. He is an 8 year navy corpsman veteran. At the end of his navy career he started this company because he felt that romance is dying and when taking care of his patients that their skin looked unattended. One day he wanted to do something romantic for his wife. He went to the store and bought a name brand scrub to rub on his wife. Because of the ingredients her skin was smooth but greasy and had an allergic reaction to the scrub. He invented a scrub that is all organic and chemical free, that smooths, exfoliates, and leaves a light natural aroma to the skin. This is not just a scrub it is a life style that let’s nature cater to you.

Adam’s Gift is founded in San Antonio Texas. The Sugar Body Scrubs will give your skin the feeling of being reborn. Every time you open the container, the natural scent will make you think you have been transported to the Garden of Eden! This all organic scrub nourishes at the same time it exfoliates so that your newly-revealed, younger skin looks and feels silky smooth and radiantly lovely! We have satisfying Choice: Destiny’s mint, silky pecan-vanilla, gentle ginger, forbidden apple cinnamon, blueberry bliss, amazing orange, sexy strawberry, cucumber melon, refreshing lemon, and outrageous oatmeal (8oz only). Available in 16 oz made by order.